The voice records in English and Czech recorded by Frank, Mirek and Hana

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MP3 files :
Frank "How I Became Writer"  EN
Mirek "How I Beacame Writer" CZ (1Mb)

Frank  List 01 EN
Mirek & Hana List 01 EN+CZ
Mirek & Hana List 02 EN+CZ

Text files :
Frank "How I Became Writer"  EN

Mirek "How I Became Writer"  CZ

Frank,Mirek & Hana List 01
Mirek & Hana List 02

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Verdana bold italic

Friends, from this thumbnail you can download my photomontage of our great American 2004 vacation
(330 kb):


Mirek's Big Five            

Zuzanka, here is one picture of a map of the USA that you might use for your schedule if you want.
So you can download it if you click with the right button of a mouse on this picture and download it as a goal. It could take you more time because it has 4.4Mb.
Enjoy it ...


Frank, here is the picture of the route of our 2007 leisure US vacation that Zuzanka sent us.




Zuzanka, here are some pictures that you can use for your DVD.  Downloading like it is described above ...

Zuzanka, I convert video files with Any Video Convertor free version. But for .mov files (from Olympus) is maybe better to use another free software RAD Video Tools. They both are user-friendly softwares with intuitive control. Click on the pictures on the right and download these zip files. Extract, install and enjoy !  Be free to write me If you need my help. Mirek                14 MB      1,5 MB


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